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Ultrex Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

Ultrex Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

The Ultrex-Brand Pressure Cooker, sold on the HSN television network, has recently been linked to second and third-degree burn injuries that occurred when the cooker's lid opened while the scalding hot contents were still under pressure.

Burn Injuries

QVC Electric Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

Electric pressure cookers like the QVC Essential Pressure Cooker have become very popular in recent years, thanks to increases in mass marketing and plentiful shelf space in Walmart and other big box stores. However, it has been found that many...

Quick Pot Lawsuit

Tristar Power Quick Pot Lawsuit

Pressure cooker explosion lawsuits claim certain brands of pressure cookers, including the Tristar Power Quick Pot, have faulty components that cause steam, scalding liquids and food to explode or eject from the cooker. These explosions have led to serious burns,...

Prestige Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

Prestige Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

Prestige Pressure Cookers are designed to make life easier. While these appliances can help to greatly reduce the amount of time required to cook food, they are not without their risks. Pressure cookers are sealed vessels in which food cooks...

A man about to beat up a woman in a corner

What Is Aggravated Battery?
Everthing You Need To Know

The intended contact of another in an abusive manner or the intentional use of violence and force against another constitutes the crime of battery. The battery is a criminal offense and aggravated battery is one of its most dangerous forms. ...

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What Happens If a Mail Truck Gets in an Accident?

Filing an accident claim is a complicated process, but filing a claim involving a United States Postal Service (USPS) mail truck is even more complex. These claims are handled differently than a regular car accident and require knowledge of federal...