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Legal Action Taken Against Manufacturer of Bard Ventralex™ Hernia Patch

What is the Ventralex™ Hernia Patch?

The Ventralex™ Hernia Patch is designed for Umbilical and Epigastric Hernia Repair. The patch allows for sufficient overlap beyond the hernia defect without having to perform lateral dissection to develop a preperitoneal pocket. Post-op pain is supposed to be reduced because the Ventralex hernia patch requires minimal dissection and minimal sutures to secure the prosthesis.

Hernia Patch Recall

Since October 2005, there have been three separate recalls involving different sizes of Davol Bard Composix Kugel Hernia Mesh, which contain a memory recoil ring. Defects in the design of the hernia repair patches caused some of the plastic rings to break, resulting in serious injuries such as bowel perforation, chronic intestinal fistula and death. Along with the Ventralex™ Hernia Patch, the consolidated hernia patch litigation now includes the following products made by Davol (also known as Bard and Surgical Sense):

  • Composix Kugel Hernia Patch
  • Kugel Hernia Patch
  • CK Parastomal Hernia Patch
  • Modified Kugel Patch
  • Composix E/X Hernia Mesh
  • Composix Mesh
  • Composix L/P Mesh
  • CruraSoft Patch


Do I Have Ventralex Hernia Patch Lawsuit?

A Ventralex Hernia Patch lawsuit is a civil claim filed on behalf of an individual or the family of an individual who has suffered injury or death as a result of the defective product. It allows victims to seek reparation for their losses and forces the manufacturer to take responsibility for the damages its product has caused.